Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Trim and ceiling almost done

Our friend John and I spent some time on Labor Day finishing the main ceiling in the basement. I will probably spend the next several months "fine tuning" it - adjusting screws and gluing the joints and we still haven't figured out how it will be finished or if it will be left light - but all in all it looks pretty good and for the most part it is complete.

I also was able to finish the basement trim and the liquor cabinet (bar to be built after we are finished with the bedrooms upstairs). My second attempt at finish carpentry was much better than the last but I still think I'll keep my day job.

I will be tackling the stair finish and "railings" next. We also have a little painting and a soffit to finish above the TV after that. After those items, the basement will be done... ...For now.


Anne Pollack said...

Hurray!!!!!!! It looks GREAT!!!! It is as big as my whole condo!!! I can't wait to see it!!!

Crazy Nana

Anonymous said...

Chris and Ileana,

WOW you have come a long way with this!! Congrats it looks great!


Laura said...

Hi, This looks neat! What material did you use for the skinny timbers? It's coming along. I am going to read on through your blog; very inspiring.

Chris said...

Thanks! The slats were 1" x 1/4" furring strips. They were finished smooth, in 8' to 12' lengths at Menards and Lowe's. Very happy how it came out.