Monday, January 15, 2007


I was tagged by one of the other bloggers to list 5 things that many of you probably don’t know about me. Since the blog has been rather limited in scope, that shouldn’t be too difficult. Now, if only I can do this without embarrassing myself too much.

1. I am a hoarder. This excludes the old postcards, candles, pottery and other crap I actually “collect”. I save just about anything regardless of what it might be worth. I have old newspapers and clippings, birthday cards I received when I was in high school, old report cards, broken tools, books that I will never read again, old bills, you name it… …I save it. Living in a small bungalow is incredibly difficult because this curbs my propensity to save crap.

2. I have played the following parts in high school or college theater: The King of Siam, Judas, and Schroeder.

3. One of my favorite TV shows is Dawson’s Creek. Even my closest friends find this strange as I am somewhat of a media snob and usually need to be dragged to any movie produced by a major studio.

4. I love rainy days. When one comes along, I grab a beer, lie down on the couch, and partake in item 3 (It's either that or work on the house).

5. I am obsessed with my research on J. L. Silsbee. Some people may already know that I have been researching this architect for some time. What they might not know is that I begin and end the day with some sort of research on him. I also have a file cabinet where I have recreated his project files complete with no less than 350 folders; each filled with info I have collected. Pretty soon, I either need to get a book published or seek professional help.

I guess that wasn’t so bad. Now for my tags. I hope I am not copying anyone when I tag: Bungalow Insanity,Damn You Stickley Bungalow,Our Home Renovation, Fairmount Bungalow, and my "neighbor": Humphrey House,


Stephanie said...

Hi! This is Stephanie from Bungalow Insanity - thanks for tagging us. I'll post our five facts soon. In the meantime, I thought I'd let you know that I love your site, love Oak Park and share your love of Crown Point cabinetry. :-)

Anonymous said...

theres a great super-sized period home by silsbee in the town I work in, Mt Carroll, IL. Nice really old couple live there, might be available next 10 years, but may stay in the family, who knows right?

you should check it out sometime on your way to Galena. Its on IL rt 78 across from a furniture store in the middle of town.

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

Thanks for the post on the Silsbee home. It makes my day when somoene knows who I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

do check it out sometime, has a walking tour marker sign with info, (of course it has to mention silsbee's connection to FLW

The house was built for a many term state rep and judge from this area back then, named Judge James Shaw, which is also my dad's name.

If you come out, stop by the grocery store on Rt 64 and talk arts and crafts with the manager there, Andy.

Best to you.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to picture you looking like Yul Brenner in the King and I!

Judy said...

-and I thought I was the only one who did research for fun. Instead of file folders I have 3 ring binders... I also watch one sitcom over and over and hate most of the stuff on TV or in theater, and hoard, especailly books! Bizarre that I didn't know that about you 'til now.... no wonder we were friends. and I thought it was just because we both knew Ligoz! said...
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A.K. said...

Hello, My name is Arin Thompson and I am researching Judge James Shaw. I noticed someone mentioned his home in Mt. Carroll. I am planning a visit to the home and would love if any of you could offer me some insight. Also, I think the Andy mentioned at the grocery store is my cousin's husband...small world!!!! Please email at

thanks so much!