Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cause for celebration

On my walk home from the train yesterday, I noticed a truck in front of our house. Could it be? No, way! As I got closer to the house, I still couldn't see anything but could hear the steady chop chop chop and dig dig dig. As I got a couple houses away, I saw my neighbor chatting with the landscaper that had stopped by on Saturday. He came back! This is an odd thing to get excited about but I have to admit I had a rush of excitement. The stumps will finally be gone. He worked for a few hours and said he would come back tomorrow to finish. 4 of the stumps are gone and my water and gas pipes are still intact. This is a great day.Unfortunately the forecast is for rain today. Hopefully he will be finished by tomorrow if it doesn't work out today. There will now be a few holes in the front yard but I can deal with those over the weekend. The plants in the front pots have also perked up. Maybe the front of the house won't look like such an aberration for the rest of the summer after all.

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