Saturday, May 05, 2007


Can you find what is wrong with this picture? At first glance, you will surely see our big piece of plastic crap, the pile of brush in the back (I really need to get off my ass and make that into a proper compost bin), and of course you will see the that the hostas and raspberries can still grow - even without yards and yards of landscape fabric wrapped around them.
When you look a little closer, you'll notice that we have invaders. Mommy rabbit has been very busy this winter and we now have bunnies. We saw the first one a couple weeks ago and then we saw another. Well this morning we were shocked to notice that there are actually three of them - I hope to God there aren't any more. Bunnies are cute, right? Everyone loves bunnies (particularly 2 year old little girls - my daughter just about went ballistic when she saw them). Don't let all that cuteness lull you into a false sense of security - a war is on!!! They have started nibbling away at our hostas (which is fine, they could use some thinning out. They started to cross the line by nibbling on the phlox. This morning, they went too far. they were nibbling on the raspberries! How dare they!!!

For now, I will lay low and watch their every move but when the time is right: ATTACK!!! Actually, I won't be attacking them. I will just be mulching their home. As I said, they are cute and having one or two around is not the end of the world but 4 (yes mommy is still around) is a bit much. Hopefully this will make them move on. Then again, I hope I am not drawing some line in the sand with them because there are more of them then there are of me.


StuccoHouse said...

I have the same situation in my back yard. Last year I bought some whirly-wigs (those spinny things) and they totally work in keeping the bunnies away from the garden. I hauled them out again this year at the first sign of rabbit. I now get to view the bunnies in my neighbor's yard ;-)

And I am a big hit with every little kid in the 'hood (I have two tractors, a bus, a fire engine & a bumble bee whose wheels or wings turn in the wind).

Billie said...

I'll be making a trip up to the cities and relocating my bunny family to come live with yours! My bunnies outweigh my bichon.
I think I'm going to take Stucco's idea and by the whirly thingies.... my kids will love them.

Sandra L. said...

As Townes Van Zandt once said, "The Bigger, the Bunnier."

I just LOVE bunnies, but yes, they will eat things, including young trees. My mother found her lilac tree snapped in two with incisor marks--a dead giveaway.

One year we had mom and five little bunnies living in our front yard, under the impatiens. I accidentally hosed them out one day. They were unhurt but frightened.

Judy said...

If you have babies, chances are there is a fifth nearby : )
We don't have rabbits around- thanks to the coyotes...
I would not suggest this method of small animal management in suburbia though : )