Monday, May 07, 2007

Maybe they were right

After painting one of my rain barrels (we’ll be installing it this coming weekend), I continued work on the bedroom.An odd thing about the line of the old picture rail is that it was located at an odd height. Where the picture rail in all of the other rooms aligns with the door or window head molding, this picture rail is above the door molding and then ‘crashes” at an odd place against the crown above the head.Being the architectural genius that I am, I figured that I would “correct” this by shifting it down. This would make the picture rail align with the head and molding just like all the other rooms. WRONG MOVE! After spending several hours attaching the picture rail, I realized that it looks stupid at that height and would probably (I don’t know exactly how to explain it) look better at the higher height. I guess they knew what they were doing back when they built this place.I also screwed (pun intended) myself by installing the picture rail with a “cool” detail that I’ve seen on other older homes. I used exposed screws and washers drilled directly into the studs. This not only made it more difficult to hang but also to take down and re-hang because it looked like crap the first time. In case it becomes important in the future, my studs are located at alternating intervals of 16”, 18”, and 24”. I think I may have to take back the thought that the guys that built this place knew what they were doing.

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