Monday, August 27, 2007

Back after a short vacation

We are back in the OP after a short vacation in NY. We went away for a week and the rain seemed to follow us everywhere we went. It was a nice trip but a wet one. We shouldn't complain because it sounds like things were rough in Chicago while we were away. Thank God we came back to a dry basement and relatively little damage.

Storms pummelled the area for a few days straight last week. Our neighborhood is littered with tree branches and our garden is a mess. The storms flattened the vegetables and broke most of the flowers in half. Though I mowed the day before I left, it also looks like I haven't mowed in months. We had to re-set all the clocks and the cable as the power also must have gone out. I can plant new flowers next year so given the looks of things, I think that we can consider ourselves lucky.
While in upstate NY, we visited Niagara Falls, a great Tiffany-designed chapel, and the new Stickley Museum. I will try and update with pictures of our trip over the next few days. We always love visiting in NY but it is nice being back home. Stay tuned for updates.

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