Monday, August 06, 2007

Is shopping an accomplishment?

Blogging is a little funny. I always wonder what is momentous enough to blog about and am continually amazed at the minutia of people's lives that can be found on blogs. Recipes with goat meat, what to do on a rainy day with 100 yards of string, a daily log of a pet's bowel movements, it's all fodder for a blog.

I blog primarily to let friends and family (since most of them live far away from us) see what is happening at our house. Obviously if I am making some progress in a room, I'd want to let people know about it. Also, if a particular product or tool came in handy, it is worth mentioning. What about shopping? Does just buying something qualify for an entry? I guess in the vein of keeping everyone up to date with what is happening at the tiny bungalow, it seems o.k. to mention it but I can't help but feel a little guilty because not much effort is really put forth in it.

I haven't done much on the house in the past few weeks. Yeah, I am still puttering around in the garden but besides that, we had friends in last week and I took a week to prepare for guests - so we are going on a good 3 weeks of inactivity. In the absence of any true restoration work, I'll share a bit about my latest buy.

No matter how quiet things get on the home front, I continue to spend plenty of time browsing Craig's List. A couple weeks ago, I came across a buy that i thought was just too good to pass up. Yesterday, I moved our new wardrobe and chest of drawers into the bedroom. They are both old pieces and look pretty nice. The hardware is new but it all compliments the house so I think it was a good buy.

If/when I finish the bedroom, it will be a great addition and the room will look like a true Arts & Crafts room. Until then, we still have to "imagine".

The wardrobe that I spent about a month restoring last year has now been relocated to the front entry. I need to put some shims under it because it leans with the floor. It will be nice to have a coat closet near the front door now. I guess I will be scrapping my plans for a mirror and coat rack.


Fargo 1928 said...

Wow, that is such nice furniture. It fits in so well with your house. With my budget, the money is all going to end up in the house and I'll have a fouton and crates for furniture!

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

With a little patience, you'd be shocked at what you can find on Craig's list for a couple hundred dollars.

StuccoHouse said...

Lol....there are a lot of "pet poop" blogs out there, aren't there?

Shopping on Craig's List is definitely blog worthy...especially when you find such a great deal.

Every now and then I troll through the vintage stoves on CL.....someday.

Mom said...

Shopping IS noteworthy! Actually, I consider it a hobby! (you must take after your mother!)