Friday, October 05, 2007

What the hell have you been up to?

It is the eve of bungalow weekend here in the OP. We have a great program of events lined up for the weekend if you want to come and “get inspired” – as stated by the folks over at House in Progress.

Tomorrow morning is the Restoration Forum at Pleasant Home FREE and open to the public. Many building professionals, government officials, architects, homeowners, and other dignitaries will be there to share their knowledge. It runs from 9 until noon.

While at the Forum, sign up for the evening benefit for Pleasant Home: a lecture and reception (complete with food and booze) at a fantastic George Maher home in the OP. You can also sign up for our annual Bungalow Tour on Sunday. Inside tours of 6 awesome homes will be featured on Sunday.

Since I have been working hard on these events, I haven’t been doing much to the Tiny Bungalow. I should report that the warm weather has fostered the arrival of our second batch of raspberries. Last year, I watched an Indiana farming show on PBS where they said you should mow your raspberry bushes to the ground each season to guarantee two batches of raspberries: one smaller batch in July, and a larger one in mid September. Well, we did what they said and had a not so great crop in July. I think this was due to our late frost in May. Now it is the first week of October and we have been picking huge sweet raspberries, about a pint an evening, for the past 5 or 6 days. Awesome. I am glad it has stayed warm enough for these things to ripen.
It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend so if you have the time and love old homes, come on out to the OP.

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