Sunday, December 02, 2007

Doing two, or three, things at once

I have my head in about three different places in the house right now. We are having guests in a couple weeks and this means that the more the house looks like a home, rather than a construction zone, the better.

One project is to (finally) finish the basement stairway and put in a new handrail and light. I installed blocking for the rail and stained it the same color as the rest of the basement woodwork. I also finished the plaster repair in the stairway. I should be painting this week. All I will have left is to finish the soffit at the bottom of the stair but I consider that an entirely separate projectThe second task is to get the basement bathroom in shape. I had to cut out a few feet of drywall in the basement when we moved in because of "the M word". I am doing the taping on the bathroom drywall and this should be paint-ready this week also.
Thanks everyone for the advice on the door to the bathroom. The good part is that this is a crappy door so if I screw something up, I can get a new one. I think I know what to do now. Unfortunately, the PO that made this bathroom was a bit design-challenged. I am sure there are reasons why they did what they did but with a closet behind the toilet, door swinging into the basement, cramped fixtures, etc. the room just doesn't function very well. I don't want to put too much into this project so I will end up just making a few modifications and call it a day.

As for the master bedroom, I think that I stripped the last of the paint yesterday. I am pretty excited because, much to my wife's satisfaction, the room will soon start looking like something. The fan and light also arrived last week and though we went for the mission style knock off fixture, as opposed to the $700 "real thing", I think it is going to look good. With any luck, we'll see some color in that room next weekend.

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