Friday, February 08, 2008

Bedroom painting complete. Well, sort of...

I feel like I have made it over a big hump. The painting in the bedroom is finished except for a few areas where I need to cut in with a small brush at the baseboard. The room is impossible to photograph - one of the sad facts you need to face living in a tiny home. Maybe tomorrow I'll break out my Pentax and get some better shots with a wide-angle lens. Do they still develop film at kodak these days? Anyway, the paint color looks light in the photos but it looks good so I guess you get the idea.
If you look closely, you will notice a lot of the other things that I still need to do to consider the room finished. I have been replacing my switches, outlets, and plates and have more to do on that. That project deserves a separate blog though.

I have a punch list taped to the door for now. Hopefully I'll wrap these things up by next year at this time... ...or at least by the time the tape tackiness wears off and the list falls to the floor and is lost forever.


Jennifer said...

I hear you on the difficulties of photographing tiny houses! I feel I can never do my projects justice.

It looks really nice. I like the green color... brings me back to a 1920's apartment I had in college. It was such a peaceful color to sleep with!

Our Little Bungalow said...

Very nice color choice. I think it suits the house.
I hear you on photo'ing the rooms. I was trying to photo the kitchen.......well I gave up.
I think you have a good start on your list....just don't forget it's there!