Sunday, February 03, 2008

Painting the bedroom

I made pretty good progress yesterday - despite having to work around my daughter watching "Scooby Bowl Sunday" as I painted. Do you believe that Casey Kasim is still Shaggy and Velma is now played by Natalie from "Facts of Life"? The show is a lot more hip too with modern rock songs and timely jokes. I digress.

The pictures aren't don't show the colors of the room accurately but you get the idea. The dark color of the walls is a bit shocking but it is growing on us. It will be very odd once we start painting the rest of the house and more of these white walls disappear.

The grey/blue of the ceiling is not quite as dark as I expected - which is fine, it gives me an excuse for putting in the stenciling I wanted to do. I think it will look great once the room is cleaned up and put back together. In the meantime, I still have three walls to paint.


Amalie said...

I think it's wonderful! We went with green in our dining room and our bedroom was already a smokey olive green. What color is this that you picked out?

Such a classic Craftsman color-- looks great!

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

I ended up changing my mind once more on the paint colors and went slightly lighter than my first choices (Prairie Green and Silver Wing). For the green, we got Velspar "Rolling Plain". It is a dark green with a hint of brown. For the blue/grey, we went with Velspar "Herringbone". I used all flat paint in the hopes of hiding my less than perfect plaster work and it isn't too bad. We will likely be doing a stencil in the dado with metallic gold (still deciding on the motif).

Jennifer said...

The colors are fabulous! I can't wait to see what stencil you choose. There's nothing like paint to bring life into a room.