Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Stenciling Lessons

If you were keeping track of the punch list on the bedroom door, you would notice that another item is crossed off - the stenciling.I finished the stenciling and am pretty happy. I bought another stencil after the first one got gummed up and produced some hairy stencils. The latest stencils came out great. I owe it all to the stencil adhesive and I strongly recommend this stuff as it pretty much makes the work moron-proof.
I don't want to know what is in this stuff - I think that "Extreme Danger" and the skull and cross bones says it all but I have to admit, this stuff was awesome. It held the stencils to the wall and produced very crisp patterns. I feel like going back and re-doing 5 or 6 of the hairy ones but I won't mess with what is finished.
The bedroom is shaping up pretty well. I hope to make some headway on the rest of the punch list over the next few weeks - hopefully before the weather gets too nice and I am forced to start more work on the yard.


Anonymous said...

Nice Job!


Anonymous said...

WOW !!!! It looks fantastic !! I love it !!

crazy Nana

Bungalow Monster said...

Very tasteful. I like the design and color scheme. Good goin!

Jenni said...

Very Nice! thanks for the tip using the EXTREME DANGER skull and crossbones stuff. Scarey buy funny at same time.

Andy said...

I tell ya, I love the stencils, but I can guarantee my wife would never go for them. :)