Saturday, April 26, 2008

Frustrated... ...10 Things I Hate

I just spent 2 hours wiping down the walls of the basement stairwell and I am fuming. So I thought I'd vent a bit and start a new series on the blog. This won't be too original - I'll format it in a "Top 10" manner. Whenever I get in this mood (usually caused by me trying to un-do something a PO did) I'll vent by blogging about why I hate these things and why I think that folks that do these things to their home are either morons or just don't think about what the consequences of their actions are.

10. White

9. Caulk

8. Unfinished "projects"

7. Painting woodwork

6. Landscape fabric

5. Holes in plaster

4. Vinyl wall covering

3. Not saving

2. Wall to wall carpeting

1. Vinyl siding

I already feel a lot better. When I am having a bit more angst, I'll begin elaborating.


Sandy & Michael said...

I like your list! Let me add mudding & sanding drywall and removing wallpaper, argh. And I totally agree about unfinished projects!

Good luck with everything :)


BumbleVee said...

I just hate people. They are the cause of most of the list of 10.... we cursed our former owners many a day while doing renovations over the past 20+ years...

Amanda said...

Love it.