Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm not crazy

I have been up since around 4:35 this morning. I swore that our house shook. First I thought it was just my wife rolling over in bed but then I realized that the pictures on the walls were rattling and so was the mirror on the dresser.

My wife said she might have heard something but that I was crazy and should go back to bed. Being the light sleeper that I am, I couldn't fall back to sleep so I made coffee and came down and turned on the computer. I inspected the tinybungalow and everthing seemed to still be in tact. About an hour later, reports started rolling in that there was an earthquake centered in Indiana. That explains it. These things don't happen around here too often. So, I'm not crazy. O.K., maybe I'm a little crazy.


Ethan said...

Wow! Never experienced an earthquake here in Maryland, but I bet I'd be doing the same thing your doing.

Sandy said...

We felt it here, too! My daughter lives in Louisville and she called me this morning to tell me that her whole house shook!