Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I've only seen the movie about 40 or 50 times

O.K. don't laugh. My wife thinks I have an unnatural obsession with the Blair Witch Project but that's not it at all. I actually got the trellis idea from an Andrew Jackson Downing book I was reading. This isn't half as impressive as some of the stuff illustrated there but I thought it would be fun to try it out anyway.

The morning glories are coming in. I planted them from seed from the ones out back and they need something to grow up. I have a feeling this flimsy thing will end up collapsing but I guess we'll see.

Elsewhere in the yard, there are things that are somewhat inspired by one of my favorite movies. In Howard's End, there is this scene where Leonard Bast is walking through a forest lined with bluebells. I am not sure if they are really bluebells or if it is actually a forest because it has been a couple years since I've seen it but I was always struck by that scene and the image has stayed in my mind. It is sublime. It is one of my favorite films and if you love gardens and old homes, it is a must see.

In a sort of tribute, I like keeping the bluebells around the house. I've let the ones that have come up in cracks in the sidewalk stay and grow up. I've also started a bunch out front. The biggest group is in our side yard. It's no Howard's End but it looks cool in the early morning when the sun is hitting them.
This is a little off-topic but here are some more pics of the black hollyhocks. They are really doing well but something is starting to eat at the leaves.


Jennifer said...

Love the trellis! I saw a fence made out of branches like that, too.. I've been thinking of doing it!

We've been calling our house th Blair Witch house right now... with it's half ripped off windows and nasty molding paint!

Jenni said...

Where is the pile of rocks? (like in the movie)

I am loving the black hollyhock!!

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

Don't laugh, I've already started piling chunks of concrete in the side yard - much in the way people have tried to achieve balance of rocks. In an urban area, the concrete chunks seem more appropriate. Once I get a few more of these going, I'll make some photos.

Stephanie said...

Some creepy little handprints on the walls and you'll be all set!


I love your black hollyhocks! I planted some from seed last summer but they all came up pale pink. :-(

This spring, I bought a packet of seeds which claimed to be hot-pink dinner plate dahlias. I planted them in a container with groundcover and nothing else. My "dahlias" just started blooming this week, but they aren't dahlias at all. They are yellow freesia. How weird is that? Someone at the seed factory has clearly been smoking crack.