Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tall things don't grow well on the prairie

I figured I better post some pics before the hollyhocks are completely trashed. I figure they are pretty close to being in full bloom so this will have to be the best I can expect. We have one problem growing tall things out here and the hollyhocks, with the tallest above 8' tall, are no exception. I experienced it last year when our 9' tall sunflowers were flattened by a storm and our hollyhocks are experiencing the same things after a storm ripped through yesterday. It also did a number of the gladiolus and I spent the morning trying straighten them out. Maybe tall things just weren't meant to be grown in this area. I staked things up the best I could and everything is still alive. The color of the hollyhocks is starting to grow on me - though I've done some plant re-arranging to brighten up this part of the yard.
Coming soon: that ugly garage gets a face lift.


Andy said...

I was beginning to think the same about tall meadow rue, which is about 6 feet tall if I stand it up, is leaning heavily across the sidewalk (secondary problem). But then, my naturalized goldenrod (came up after last year's reseeded) is standing fine at about 4.5 feet, but there are about 6-10 stalks growing around each other, so I think they're buffering themselves against the wind or something.

I don't know. It's too bad, too...

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I planted a few Hollyhock seeds last Summer, they came up but never thrived. One plant made it through the winter, finally bloomed and then died the day after. Glad I got a picture of it. It was a most unexciting color. Cream. Love yours!!