Saturday, July 05, 2008

Another harvest

I haven't gotten much done this weekend - and I had such big plans. I started off well enough when my friend Steve came over on Thursday and helped me measure for storm windows. I e-mailed off for a quote this morning but haven't done much else. I think its because I really needed a break. Work has been less than pleasurable (modest understatement) so I just needed a long weekend to kick back and recoup.

We did get to enjoy another meal from the garden. We harvested more garlic as well as the Swiss chard. We also made a huge batch of pesto. With the chard, we made some pork loin on the grill. If you have a fear of green veggies, then you may not appreciate chard. I think it's great stuff. Kind of earthy, kind of like spinach. We prepare it pretty simply..
You take the greens off the white stems and then shop up the stems. saute the stems and garlic in olive oil until they are tender. Add the leafy part and let them wilt down. You can then serve the main dish over the greens. Tonight we did a pork loin in a white wine and rosemary (from the garden) and garlic marinade. It came out good. Maybe it will give me the energy I need to get something done tomorrow.

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su said...

Your hollyhocks look so much bettr than my Maine ones and I am so proud of mine!