Sunday, September 21, 2008


I had a couple projects planned for the weekend. I wanted to paint one side of the garage each day, I have a big non-house related project (which I'm sure you'll read more about in the coming days), and I had hoped to start my fall landscaping. I've resisted the urge to move plants around most of the summer so it's time for me to go crazy.I finished one side of the garage and like the color. I wish I had gone darker with the gold color but I can live with it because it is a huge improvement. We are having ANOTHER spectacular weekend here so I decided to start attacking the landscape. I want to expand the beds in the front and move some stuff from near the garage in the back, out front (I have a major garage project that I want to be ready for come spring).Just as I started digging the new beds in the front, my daughter approached me, saying that she wanted to come outside. She wasn't interested in gardening so I tried to engage her in something else. "Want to paint?" She was excited. What kid can resist cups of paint and a big paint brush? We decided to re-paint the art windows on the back fence with animals. She wanted a squirrel, a purple dog, a green cat and a sunshine. She went at the sunshine and the dog and filled in the blue skies and I helped her do the rest. Her dog ended up looking more like an octopus but it looks neat and she's starting to understand the back-painting technique, which is great.


Jennifer said...

Love the windows! So nice and refreshing.

Anonymous said...

too cute. it's nice to let her help make a home.