Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shameless plugs for some cool sites

A few people I know recently started their own blogs/websites and for various reasons, I think that a lot of folks that come to this site, mught be interested in what is going on there.

The first one is an interior design sight called Space Check. It was started by Kim Weder, an interior designer, as a way to market her space planning work and furniture work. It's a neat concept and folks with troubled layouts can e-mail her a plan and for a very modest fee, her folks will solve all your problems. For people that seem to be lost with a troubled space or in need of furniture ideas, it seems like a great resource.

The second one is similar in form to what I do here. My friend Steve is chronically his design and installation work at a small condo in Chicago in his blog, Each and Every Inch. If you are into modern design, efficiency, and small-living concepts, you'll love this site. You may have heard me mention Steve here as he's helped out quite a bit around TOPB. Incidentally, Steve and I also share an interest in sustainable design practices and are finalists with our collaborative work on a display kiosk for the Green Central Terminal design competition (we're entry 10).

I've linked each site permanently in my sidebar and you can also reach them by clicking the links in this entry. I hope you enjoy them.

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