Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well, I kinda got stuff done this weekend

I have a huge list of things I am trying to get through by Thanksgiving. Last weekend was lousy but I did get the wood funiture waxed and I built a shelf for my wardrobe so I can actually use it.

This weekend, I did a little better but I still don't feel like I accomplished much. I moved all of my tools to my work bench (not on the porch, in the dining room, in the bedroom, in the garage, etc.). I also cleaned my work bench and the area around it. This is a bigger deal than you might think.

I was also able to get the insulation on the hot water heater. It doesn't seem to fit and I feel like it is a crap shoot in terms of additional savings but I consider it a "finished" project and I guess we'll see if there is any residual savings.
I also did some wood patch and sanding on the bean bag boards. They are looking pretty good but I think I am going to take a little more time and patch a little more to make them look better. I also want to show off the designs but have them mocked up, half-finished, so it isn't worth doing that right now.I also finished demolition on the soffit at the bottom of the basement stairs and decide I now want to do more demolition. I intended on refinishing this area but now believe that head room is more important than a finished ceiling so I will come up with a way to trim and paint the exposed duct and piping to make it look acceptable.
My big project, after this is finishing the basement bathroom. I made no headway on this - but I did use the bathroom several times and it made me think about the project. I guess that doesn't account for much. This room and now the "additional" work on the soffit really makes me feel like things are piling up.

To make matters worse, I am starting to make yet another project for myself. I have wanted to bring my vinyl upstairs for some time now. I got these cool wireless speakers for an IPod and luck would have it, I can hook up my turntable too it and it sounds pretty good (and I can then move my speakers anywhere in the house). Problem: I have no place to put the turntable or any records. Solution: hell, I can make a rack for it that would look pretty good. I quickly shelved the idea because I felt my marriage couldn't handle another "diversion" from the work at hand - until I found this cool wood in the attic.It is a pile of quarter-sawn oak from an old table top. It looks cool and there is quite a bit of it five 3' pieces. Yeah, it is stained and I'd have to sand it down but it looks really cool. I could design a cabinet and use this wood (so I won't have to spend any money). This might be a way to make something without pissing off the wife. When she says, "don't you have better things to do?", I say, "but the wood was free so I'm not spending any money". She'll say, "Oh, Okay" before she even realizes that I didn't even answer her question, right? Maybe it's in my best interest to not start this project until I get a few more of smaller "must-do" itemss under my belt (I'm not a complete moron, you know).

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Our Little Bungalow said...

The insulation really does work, it might make the water heater look like a alien, but it works. The bean bag boards look nice! Good luck on the "other" project! ;-)