Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Finishing touches?

I have a few little things to touch up with a fine brush but for the most part, this project is done. Well, half-done if you consider the fact that I still need to paint the boards for the Tiny Bungalow.
Overall, it was a simple project. Painting was a little bit of a bitch - didn't really consider all the drying time, complexities in masking, etc. The big lesson is that I really should have gotten the right tools for this in lieu of using what I had on hand. Some Frisket film would have been nice instead of the crappy masking tape I had. It would have offered more possibilities with the design as well. A little more time would have been even better. Maybe even spray paint in lieu of the brushed-on enamel would work better. Not sure, I may have some experimenting to do.

I am happy with the project and hope my nephew is as well. For the overall carpentry on the project, I give myself an A-. It is by far the sturdiest set of cornhole boards I've seen and they are pretty tight and square. I'll spend more time patching the holes and cracks on the next set though. For the painting, I give myself a B-. I think it looks good in the end but the level of difficulty was not very high. I'm going to really have to up my game for the next set.


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT gift !! Well done !!

Crazy Nana

StuccoHouse said...

They look great. I'm sure you nephew will love them.

621 said...

Looks pretty darn good, wonder if anyone in Syracuse knows how to play. I'm a little disappointed you didn't paint silhouettes of Donovan McNabb and Carmelo Anthony, or maybe the oldschool Orangemen mascot. That would have bumped you up to an A+ on the paint job.

design girl said...

they look sweet! how old is your nephew?

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

Good question design girl: 12, 13? I think he's 12. And 621, I really could have gone old school and done a majestic-looking Saltine Warrior but I don't think he would. Actually, he won't know what the hell these boards are. I think this will be cornhole's debut in Syracuse. Do I get some sort of bizarre credit for that?

bungalow_ bliss said...

These turned out beautifully! I especially like the design with the yard ticks (football fields, not pesky parasites!).

Excellent job!