Sunday, February 22, 2009

Basement bookcase, pretty much complete for now.

I'll have to finish trimming the pegs that hold the shelves later this week. I also want to cut grooves into the bottom of each shelf so the dowels rest into the shelf and hold it steadier. It is a pretty solid piece though. I have been told that I can't do any more woodwork right now as my daughter is watching some very important television. I am happy with the project and I think that once I get the finish on it (later this spring), it is going to look nice.The dowels work well for holding up the shelves. I made room for four shelves with shallower storage area if I choose to assemble the shelves differently in the future. If I have need for a CD holder in the future, they seem to work well for that also.
After stacking some books on it, I realized that I can easily throw some of these into attic storage. I think that once I have this project finished, it might be time to start on that turntable and LP cabinet I designed some time ago.


Anonymous said...

This turned out very nicely! I love that you used existing materials--and the use of dowel rods is so smart! Great job!

Allison said...

Wow. Much more work than one would think. Looks perfect for that location.