Sunday, March 29, 2009

Trellis is almost done

Today there was no good reason to be outside, The snow returned, hopefully for the last time this season. It is already almost gone and the sun is out right now. Since it was so bad earlier, I spent a little time finishing up the trellis project I started yesterday. I asked my wife to choose the final design and this is the one we went with. I think it came out nice and once it has a couple coats of paint on it and the vines start growing, I bet it will look good. Maybe I'll paint it a nice white? ha ha ha.
Sadly, my list of spring projects is starting to pile up. Hopefully I can make a dent on or finish the following next week: staining my ladder book case, paint and install the trellis, strip more of the closet door, finish cleaning up the yard and if the weather is nice, continue transplanting, painting my Cubs/Sox cornhole boards, and start working on my stereo cabinet made from recycled wood. For now, I'll rest.


Jennifer said...

Looks nice! I see you got the snow, too. We needed the moisture badly here... I think you didn't, as much.

Anonymous said...

Looks great Chris!!

Love seeing how your front yard has changed. Jeanette