Monday, April 20, 2009

I swear I got a lot done this weekend

It doesn't look like much but I tackled a lot of spring cleaning projects this weekend. I cleaned out a good portion of the basement, I finally threw away the wood from last year's soffit project, and I did a lot of yard pruning and cleaning. Out front, I installed the completed trellises and I planted morning glories in front of each. I topped the work off by moving some more plants around. That will be the last of the plant moving for this season. (that last sentence is a lie).

I like the look of the front of the house. Actually, to clarify, I like what I envision happening in the front of the house: the green growing up and covering all that stark white aluminum siding. I can't wait until I have the funds to take on that project.

We should have a big week coming up as it looks like our hot water heater is on its last legs. I am in the process of researching gas tankless water heaters as the Tiny Bungalow continues to become more sustainable through renovation. If you've had one installed at your place, I'd love to hear your comments whether they are good or bad.

3 comments: said...

Lookin' better! I spent a lot of time on our house this weekend too, yet doesnt look like I did anything!

I was once checking on tankless water heaters. Be careful if you are concerned about your budget. Ive heard from a contractor friend who has one that his electric bills have gone up becuase of it. Gas is cheaper, so he is playing a lot more now than he used to be. Maybe you can google the pro's and cons out there on the net. He has a wife and two kids, so if your family is smaller, maybe it wont make a difference?

StuccoHouse said...

My water heater is also on it's last leg and I'm also considering a gas tankless, so I'll be following your progress on this ;-) The one thing that has me concerned is that my limited research has me thinking that most gas tankless have an electric start switch, which would grind everything to a halt in an electric outage.

Julie said...

My friend in Virginia has had a tankless hot water heater since 2001. She and her family love it! I wish I could tell you more about the cost or installation issues. The one thing they didn't like about it was the slight delay in the hot water when you turn on the faucet. Otherwise, you get hot water almost instaneously.