Sunday, June 07, 2009

Half the back yard

While waiting for it to rain today, I was able to get some weeding and plant-moving done in half of the back yard. I'll get to the south side of the sink later this week. I pretty much let things go in the border last year but in time, I think it will be back into shape.
The tomatoes and other veggies I put in a few weeks ago are not doing so well. I am not sure what's going on but things are looking a little stunted. The rabbits or squirrels eating and nibbling on things is not helping. I am particularly annoyed that they have devoured all of the hollyhocks. I have two small batches from seeds that fell off last year's plants. Hopefully they will stay and not get eaten.I am trying something new this year. I want to plant one more perennial in the garden: some lavender. I read online that you'll have better success with seeds like lavender in the garden if you freeze them in ice. I'll let you know how the experiment goes. This, if it grows, will go out back as well.The rains have made everything very showy around the yard. The clematis has taken over the garage - which is a good thing since it is so ugly. The raspberries are astounding. We have never had this many raspberries. I am looking forward to early July, when they should start to be ready for picking. The only thing that doesn't look so great is the 4-year old construction site that is my "neighbor's" house. We have been blessed with fantastic neighbors on all sides except this one. Wonder if there is a way to rig up 20' poles and train the morning glories to make a wall of flowers that blocks this joker out. I've been staring at this mess for years. I wonder how long the dumpster has to stay in place before the OP tries to landmark it as "historic". It's only a matter of time, I presume...And now for some bad cliche photos of the flowers that are starting to bloom. The colors on the Sweet William are pretty great this year.

The Maltese Cross is standing at about 4 feet high and is just starting to bloom.The daisies I got from my friend Catherine are just great.Even the bishop's weed is looking good this year.


Jennifer said...

Nice garden! I'd never thought of freezing some of those seeds in ice... I wonder if you could use that to "force" seeds that are supposed to be planted in fall (assuming I am too lazy to plant them at the right time).

Andy said...

I miss the Maltese Cross I had out in I have to find it and plant it again here in the city! :)

You COULD plant a TON of 12- to 15-foot sunflowers...won't be 20 feet, but might at least divert attention from the building. :)

Isn't there anything that you guys can do, reporting-wise, to OP? I mean, if the Dumpster's been there forever, that's like a health hazard, isn't it? I don't know...just speculating...

jay said...

After seeing your garage, I now know what to do with the hulking concrete sink in our basement, slowly tilting forward as the metal supports rust away. A planter is a great idea!