Friday, June 12, 2009

The other 50%

It was a spectacular day in the OP today. I took full advantage by finishing the weeding and planting in the rest of the border in the back yard. I also finished planting in the garden. As usual, my "challenged" composting is resulting in a bunch of random plants. Weird, none of them are weeds. It is all tomatoes and various squash, cucumbers, and watermelon. Either way, the yard looks good and I can deal with the rogue veggies later.
Stuff out front, with the help of daily rains, looks great. Only about 1/3 of the plants are starting to flower but it surely looks better than it did by this time last year. The Canterbury Bells are pretty much in full bloom but I do say that they look like they are being kept hostage by the Sweet William. The Maltese Cross bolted another foot and now sits at my chest - about 4'-0" high. As do the Beard Tongue. They are almost 4'-0" as well.The only thing NOT doing so well are the delphinium. I think I am giving up on these. they have developed a wilting and rotting on the leaves (and did the same thing last year). I love how they look but like the foxglove and lupins, I guess they just weren't meant for this yard.

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