Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chalk Board Wall

I haven't done much on the house this year but I feel like I need to celebrate even the tiniest accomplishment.  Since moving in, I've had a book shelf with all of my recipe and cooking books on it, in the kitchen.  Someone bumped into it at our last party and it made me cringe, looking around to make sure there were no little ones under-foot that might get injured from the falling books.  Sorry I don't have a better "before pic".

We're having our annual holiday party this week and I thought it was a good opportunity to make use of the chalk board paint I purchased three years ago for the basement and to remove a possible hazard at the same time.  This seemed like a great place for a chalk board.  It would keep our daughter occupied with drawing when we were in the kitchen and will hopefully be a convenient place for notes and grocery lists.

I started by removing the shelf and patching and priming the wall.  I then followed up with two coats of the paint.  It goes on pretty thick so it was easy to apply but I used almost the entire can for this small area.  The stuff smells quite a bit - God knows what kind of chemicals are in it.  All in all it looks nice.  I am interested in seeing how long it holds up to repeated drawing and cleaning.


Anonymous said...

That looks GREAT!!! Good idea! Where did you put the cook books?

Crazy Nana

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

We have a big wire shelf that sits in the corner. I finally got around to cleaning that off and putting them there.

Mabel Sugar said...

Chalk board paint is SOOO much fun. Jay and I painted a wall with it in our kitchen in our condo and had loads of fun leaving messages and doodles. It held up till we moved out (about a year) and may still be going strong, as long as you clean it properly with water should be jsut fine!