Saturday, May 08, 2010

2nd Annual Bungalow Blog Tour

Hello and welcome to the second annual Bungalow Blog Tour.  On last year's tour we gave you a sort of overview of the entire house.  Not much has changed since then but I thought it would be nice for you to get a closer look at some of the (few but nice) details in the Tiny Bungalow and showcase some of our love for natural wood.  The bungalow looks very Craftsman on the outside, with it's stucco and wood trim but on the inside, the decor is a little surprising.  It has beamed ceilings and trim but the trim is fairly complex and the ceiling beams made up of a series of built-up wood pieces, not the typical "simple and straightforward" woodwork seen in most Craftsman bungalows. 

If we ever got around to our dream of fixing up our dining room, it would eventually look like this:

A surprise on the inside of the Tiny Bungalow is some of the detailing.  Ionic capitals on the columns at the buffet and art glass doors that have a distinct Prairie look complete the "Transitional" appearance of the interior.  The built-in is one of the features that sold us on the house.

We've taken a lot of our "decorating", and I use the term loosely, ideas from the existing woodwork and detailing and from our personal love of natural woods.  Most of our furniture was purchased through Craigslist or from friends or found in garage sales or alleys.  All of it is wood though and fits in nicely with the home.  

One piece that we always get asked about is our "built-in" in the living room.  It is from a Bucktown bungalow, here in Chicago.  They had stripped the bungalow of all of its details and these beauties were sitting  in the basement.  We got them at an estate sale and put them together as a single book case.  Another nice find, to the left of the bookcase (not the upholstered one) is our "dollar chair" purchased from a flea market in West Virginia.  Yes, it cost a dollar.   

Well, since we only have two main rooms, that pretty much concludes the tour.  Hope you enjoyed it.   We hope to see you again next year and hope to have some new projects to show you.

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StuccoHouse said...

Very fun to see those details up close & personal. I adore that "built-in".

denise said...

All that woodwork looks awesome. Love those built-ins--so jealous! What we originally thought were built-in corner cabinets turned out to be pine cabinets that must have been added later--the original baseboard was still behind it. We ended up giving them to the PO because he loved them so much. It was too hard to decorate around them anyway.

BlackDog's Photographer said...

You're right! That wood work is stunning. And I love the $1 chair. I love finding treasures like that. Thanks for the tour.

Omar said...

Those are some sweet built ins -- I love the columns too. Very unique..

Mike said...

Great details! My parents lived in a 1908 Foursquare for 20 years that had the full sized (floor to ceiling) version of those dividing the front "reception room" from the "living room."

I also especially like the "built-in" bookcase too.

Neighmond said...

I want your woodwork!