Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Working Late

I really wanted to get the patio in before the weekend so that all I had was trellis work on my days off.  I barely made it but was able to lay all the pavers before the sun was completely down.  I have a couple that are still a little uneven but I will fix them over the weekend.  I am really liking the new patio location but can't wait to get the project wrapped up this weekend so we can actually dine out there.  I wonder how long before the ugliness of the garage gets the better of me and I re-do the siding there...  
Rule of thumb: 1/2" of space should be allowed for every 12' of patio length if you are placing your patio between two static objects.  Then again, you may want to make that 3/4" as this sucker barely fits.  

I also want to give a shout out to Jay over at Humphrey House.  He gave me this awesome hops plant for the garden.  Hopefully it will be taking over the pergola in no time.  

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handy man said...

The hops plant definitely makes the project complete. I'll have to remember that one when I build my pergola.