Saturday, August 14, 2010

Coming up with a new vision

I still don't have a good idea of what the basement is going to look like but things are starting to come together. I don't like diving into a project this big when I don't have some sort of "vision" so I am a little uneasy about things.  I also still get annoyed when I have to talk or think about the project.  I think I am still to exhausted from the flood coming on the heals of the pergola and bathroom renovation.  I thought I'd be relaxing and enjoying the summer at this point.  To push ahead, I need to try and find the bright side of things.  One of them is that the flood did force us to get rid of a ton of clutter.  The new space can be cleaner and seem larger.  The second thing is that we do have somewhat of a clean slate and a little insurance money to update some furnishings and finishes.  We want to keep the orange color, the lights and obviously the ceiling and trim but otherwise, the rest will be "new".

We already purchased a new sectional couch.  We didn't go with a sofa bed and guests will now have to use an aero bed instead.  We got this in a charcoal color.  It is comfy and our daughter loves the L-shape.  I think she has commented on it about a thousand times since we went to the store.
We are taking a new approach with the furnishings and finishes this time around.  Solid surfaces and getting things off the floor are the strategies.  We are choosing pieces that have legs so that when there is another water problem, none of the upholstery or other items will be damaged.  We'll need to find bookcases, entertainment center, and other items that are all "up".  This should make cleaning down there a bit easier as well.  

For the flooring, we'd like to do an epoxy flooring but are still unsure of the color/direction.  We have been playing with the color tool on the epoxy supplier's website and are mixing tans, browns, oranges and grays.  The guys that did the leveling of our basement floor several years ago will be coming out to look at patching and will let me know if the epoxy will adhere to the current topping.  Hopefully it will.
We have an old coffee table that has been in storage and we think will be perfect for the new room.  It was my wife's mom's table.  One of the debates we are having is whether or not I should sand the entire thing down to clean up the scuffs, watermarks and uneven finish and then put a new finish on it.  My wife would like to leave it as is.  She likes the "character".  If it weren't such a sleek piece, I might agree with her.  I'd like to clean it up and try to restore it.  The decision of which way to go still hasn't been made. 
Today I'll begin the plaster repair and removing a few pieces of drywall.  I think at the same time, I will put the finishing touches on the basement bathroom.  I have some new hired help coming in.  Hopefully he works out and I can get this done quickly.


Anonymous said...

I think the old coffee table should be refinished. It would look so nice.


Fargo said...

I have that same coffee table in my basement. It was my parents' from around 1960. I've debated refinishing, and it hasn't gotten high on the priority. Mine has slightly less "character" than yours.

The sleek lines of this once-beautiful piece call out for refinishing. This kind of "character" doesn't really suit it well. I think I'll probably do it sooner or later.

Meghan said...

What if you "compromised" and used some Restor-A-Finish on it? That would clean it up without getting rid of all the character, and if you don't like it, you can always sand it down after. I used it on my dressers and it really does make a big difference. I just don't have the skill or patience to refinish my dressers. :)


Chris said...

Still like the charcoal floor better than the beige. I just think it will blend too much with the walls. Make sure you give your new topping the proper dry time so you don't get bubbles under your epoxy.

cheap kitchens said...

though your table is old but looks ancient. I like the way you have managed your basement as well.Keep going and share your updated complete basement photo.

sarah said...

We're beginning to seriously think about our basement, and it sounds like I have the same problems: an incomplete vision and keeping things waterproof/off the floor. We are also thinking epoxy floor, so I'll be reading more to see how yours works out.

Chris said...

Sarah, You'll see in later posts that it worked out great and was easy to install. A couple tips: make sure the base floor is clean also know that any imperfections will show through. I don't mind it as I wasn't expecting it to look perfect. Also, when applying the coats of epoxy, don't go too thick. In the areas where I did, there is a lasting milky haze. Luckily these areas are very few and very small so you don't notice.