Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back in the basement

It's been six weeks since I woke up to water in the basement and with the assistance of some hired help the past few weeks, I finally got the room in livable condition and put all of the trim up.  I have some painting to do but otherwise, I have started moving stuff back into the basement.  Too bad my camera is sucking right now or I'd have a better pic up here.
I went out today and got a new desk and computer cart from CB2 and we went to Ikea and bought a few other things yesterday (note the many boxes of items "to be assembled".  One cool thing is that Ikea had their birch-looking "Lack" shelf back in stock so I can also complete the bathroom.

There are still no rugs so it feels a bit cold down here.  It doesn't matter as long as we can reclaim our dining room and I can begin setting up the home office again.  I am very disorganized these days and behind on many many things.  Hopefully, now that I am up and running again in a "permanent" spot, I can start to catch up. 

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