Friday, September 24, 2010

Garage Sale Purchase

The basement progress has slowed to a snail's pace as we are waiting for our floor covering and furniture shipments.  When it seems that there is nothing else to blog about, the latest garage sale purchase all of a sudden seems newsworthy.  This is the kind of purchase my wife hates.  Stuff we don't really need yet I think would look cool in a bungalow.  It is a small low-grade Craftsman Style bookcase made out of redwood.  It appears to have been made for the tourist trade in California over 50 years ago.  It still has the original "official redwood" sticker on it - very cool graphic.  For twenty bucks, it seemed perfect for the Tiny Bungalow and looks great in the dining room.  Most importantly, I finally have a place to showcase my favorite Twilight series books.     


Josh said...

Very nice! I love the pottery on the top shelf, too.

StuccoHouse said...

Well, I will balance out your wife. It's just the kind of purchase I adore. Very cool sticker.

construction_julie said...

Excellent purchase!