Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Productive Weekend

I did a little more work on the mosaic this weekend but more importantly I finally got around to cleaning out the garden and installing the hardi-backer on the south side of the garage.  The project went a little quicker than the last side I did because the side is smaller and I am starting to get the hang of the work.
Instead of painting all the wood in place, as I did last time, I opted for painting it and then hanging it up.  This worked out well but I have a little touching up to do on the "stucco" paint as I didn't cover all of the areas properly. 

The project is starting to shape up and I even rounded the corner at the back of the garage.  I am well over half done with the cladding.  The next spectacular Sunday, I should be able to finish that part of the job.  As for the mosaic...

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