Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Stopping Point?

I think I hit a stopping point on the garage today.  I rounded the corner and the tile mosaic now goes from the door jamb completely around one side.  I think that I will grout this can consider it done for the season.  If I get some nice weather, I will do more but as it stands now, I am not counting on it.  When I do the grouting, I'll give a complete technical description of everything I did, just in case there are other insane people out there that want to try a similar project.
I changed the detail at the corner.  If you look at previous posts, I had wood trim at the corner.  I think it looks nicer with the tile wrapping around though.  I really like the look of things and am not happy that I may end up leaving the rest of the project until next spring.
It is interesting to compare what the garage looked like after my first improvement project several years ago and what it looks like today.    


Anonymous said...

So glad you took before and after photos. It really gives a better perspective of the work. It looks SO beautiful. The yard turned out beautiful also. Enjoy.

- Carin

Jennifer said...

You may not think so, but you made some amazing progress on this project, especially considering it was a one-man job. I love how you changed the design so the tile wraps around the corner; it give an uninterrupted flow to it.