Monday, October 24, 2011

The Living Room Light

It didn't turn out exactly like I thought but I am happy with it anyway.  I was able to purchase new light hooks, made of brass, from Antique Lamp Supply.  I opened up the existing chain link and wrapped it through the hole in the new hanger. 
The new hangers hold the light in place with screws, not with the (broken) springs like the last set of clips had.  It was a trick finding the right size (length) bolt but that wasn't too tough.  
The bowl was also initially pretty dirty.  It is a mix of a sort of milky and glass and where there was dirt on the frosted design, it looked pretty bad.  I guess cleaning frosted glass can be a tough.  A quick internet search yielded many folks that had similar problems.  One woman's cleaning story had he washing the thing in dish soap, bleach and all sorts of other things when she finally came upon Simple Green that took all the dirt off.  I was fortunate and started with the Simple Green and it worked magic.  The light shade came clean and looks pretty good.   
It really is the prefect style of fixture for the room.  It will be very different from the dining room that has mostly directional downlight.  A lot of the light goes up to the ceiling and I have it on a dimmer so it can be lowered to a nice soothing glow.  Time to enjoy the light and concentrate on the wood restoration and painting.

I just realized, I don't think I have any pictures of the old track lighting.  I think the only one I could find is one taken by my daughter when she was about three years old.  Maybe its just her photographic composition but I think I like the new fixture a lot more.


Jennifer said...

Wow, Chris! I'm betting your really glad you persevered after the broccoli bands and didn't toss the fixture... It looks so beautiful, and is more than a 100% improvement on the track lighting--and from a much nicer era design-wise.

StuccoHouse said...