Saturday, October 08, 2011

Scratch Coat

The plaster guys spent the fist couple hours masking all of the woodwork and removing any previous patches and skim coats. 
They then applied a primer to the walls and began applying a scratch coat over the existing plaster.  They will end up finishing this new skim coat with one more finish layer.
For the most part, the plaster is in good shape so there was not a lot of removal or re-adhering.  Except for one area, where there used to be a wing wall between the living room and dining room (this was long before we moved in.  They decided to demo this area so that it could be smoothed out.

It wasn't a messy process but I can see a few areas where the plaster got on the wood so I will have some cleanup to do as I am refinishing the wood.  Overall, I am happy with things though.  It is a remarkablee improvement already.  I will never understand why folks remove their plaster and put up drywall.  The cost difference is negligible in this part of the country and the quality of the final product just can't be compared.
We also started looking at colors today.  I received several hearty "NO"s to any of the oranges that I proposed.  I am color blind after all so maybe they are a little harsh to someone without my genes.  So how does "acorn" sound? 


Shasha Kidd said...

Bring on the paint chips! What brand?

Chris said...

I have a pile of about a hundred - all sorts of manufacturers - I really should get therapy because I pretty much collect these things. The color we like is a Baer and since we've had luck with their paint in the past, it is the likely choice. There will be two other colors but I believe those are Velspar.

Kristi said...

Have you looked at Benjamin Moore? Love their paint! And there low VOC paint truly doesn't smell. Their historic colors are always good. Worth at least collecting a few more chips.

Chris said...

I have a bunch of BM samples here...and Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren, Glidden. I tell you, I have a problem. Ha. I'll most likely go with a low VOC option. The Behr is on par with the Behr I've purchased in the past and the Velspar as well are on par with the BM. They are all getting pretty good about this and the pricing is not as nutty as it used to be. The mural painting may be something altogether different as it will likekly be in oils.