Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Day Two in the Basement: Laying Pipe

If I said that I completely understand what is going on in the basement, I would be lying.  This isn't good because I am usually adept at these things.  I guess the best I can do now is describe what is going on in the pics.  The first pic is a view to the south of the basement.  Past the water heater is where there will be a connection to our laundry and the vent stack.  To the right of the water heater is an existing floor drain. 
Below is a detail of the new laundry and vent stack connection.  I am guessing that the work on this side of the house would buy us a nice long weekend vacation in Orlando to visit the family.
Directly east is a connection to the area drain in the stairs to the back yard.  I've plugged up the hole under the door for the evening but I hope no mice sneak in. 
This next pic is a view north, toward the back of our basement bath.  This is where all of the action is.  The basin and pump are going here.  If I am correct, sewage gets pumped up, from the basin, to the open fitting in the big pipe coming down from the bathroom above and the waste exits through the existing drain, out to the street.  I believe that the work on this side of the house would afford us a vacation in New York City where we could visit with friends we haven't seen in far too long, eat real pizza, and enjoy a decent pastrami sandwich. 
I can't quite tell but I think that all of the plumbing from the bathroom has been routed to the basin and only the plumbing from above stayed in the drain to the street. 
Here is our permit and a bunch of pump and fitting supplies.  We have an inspection tomorrow and hopefully they will finish up and be out of here by the end of the day.  I think the guys did good work today.  The place is less dust-ridden, even though they did a little more saw-cutting. 


Eastman said...

But with the peace of mind of a properly draining basement, when you do take those vacations, you won't have to worry so much about water going into the basement.

doowop said...

Hello! Fellow Oak Parker here. Who are you using for your plumbing work?

Chris said...

I'll probably post something about the contractor and the costs at the end of the project. I'd prefer to do it that way since it is a little premature now and I'll have a better overall view of the project at that point.