Monday, March 19, 2012


The warm weather has made for a very happy garden this spring.  My experiment with the crocuses didn't work out all that bad.  Some of the purple crocuses and the squill has started popping through.  The daffodils are putting on a big show though.  Oddly, none of the champagne colored ones have come up this year.  Is it possible they changed color?    I used to have roughly half champagne and half yellow.  Now, a vast majority are yellow.


sarah said...

It's insane - we have blooming crocus too! Seems like a month early. Usually we're still buried in snow.

Vinnie said...

Gosh it's great to see the flowers but way too early!!!

LynnBrown said...

I love purple crocuses. Makes spring the best season of them all. I am in the middle of a home exterior remodeling project and I hope my flowers come out a good as yours.