Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In the gutter

We are coming up on the anniversary of the record storms we have had the past two years.  Even though we are having a drought, I figured it would be a good time to finish the gutter project.  The intent is to divert as much water out of the yard and to capture some of it in the new rain barrel I installed in the garden.  I am only putting gutters on two sides as the other two sides already drain to the alley.  
One of my first obstacles for the project was that when I constructed the pergola, I did not anticipate the gutters so the pergola comes right up to the fascia.  I had to cut back the pergola to make room for the gutter. 
Little did I know that when I removed the hops near the end of the pergola, I disturbed several yellow-jacket nests.  I was forced to stop the project and wait a day until the "excitement" subsided.
Installing the gutters was very easy.  There are literally hundreds of videos online that show what to do.  I like this one by Ron Hazelton.  I should have taken more photos of the various steps but I figure the videos are more useful.  A couple hints: I would over-buy the number of hangers you think you need and make sure that you have the correct drill attachment for the anchors for these hangers.  I learned the hard way, getting all set up and ready to go and then realized I didn't have the attachment for my drill.
The process is simple: strike slope lines, hold up and attach the various pieces with the anchors and then seal the seams.  All of the seams are filled with a silver silicone that comes with the straps that are wrapped around each seam.  It all went up relatively quickly except for a couple of glitches that I am not sure if I know how to fix or want to fix.   
My first problem is that my fascia is not perfectly square.  In order for the corner piece to hang at a perfect right angle, I'd have to provide blocking behind it to square it up.   This isn't really a problem you can see from the yard so I am not sure I am too concerned right now.  I will spray some water on the roof today and see how it works.  If there is any leaking or an area that doesn't drain, then I might do something.   
I am glad to get this project done and am looking forward  to having a rain barrel that functions in the garden.  The garden is going crazy this year.  My daughter took some pics.  She is particularly proud of the "tiny" sunflower she brought home the last day of school.  It is now seven feet tall and I am guessing it will break the record of tall sun flowers we've had in the garden.


Chantay Smithingell said...

This would be good for people who want to install their gutter the DIY way! And I agree with you that it would be best to get all the materials you need before you begin the work. That way, you will not forget anything. Anyway, the gutter looks good. One question though, what time did you start installing the gutter? Because based from the photos, the place is still dark when you started.

Chris said...

It was late qhwn I started - I believe close to 5 and I finished around sunset. I would say that this was a couple-hour project and easy enough to do as a DIY.