Sunday, April 28, 2013

Raised Beds: After the First Year

This is what the planting beds look after the winter. Everything fared well. I have a minor repair to make to one of them and most of the herbs died this year but otherwise, I am happy with things. I started clean up in this area of the yard yesterday - it seems like it is the first really nice day we've had on a weekend this entire year.
I added a bag of soil and humus to the raised bed before re-planting and will probably do the same for the others. I still haven't figured out what I am going to do with the rest of the beds this year but will likely do some of the same items we did last year: cucumbers, zucchini, maybe some tomatoes and greens.
I also started pulling out the hops this year. A lot of folks will lament this. I am trying to find another place in the yard where I might put them. Perhaps I will start a trellis in another part of the yard. They are starting to spread in a big way and are even lifting up the patio stones. I think that became the last straw for me. I also have always wanted something flowering on the pergola. The neighbor thinks I should put in grapes. I planted a bunch of perennials last fall and they are all coming up again so I am trying to get the area near the patio to be a perennial garden as well. We'll see how successful we are.

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