Sunday, August 04, 2013

We should have done this a long time ago

Since moving in to to Tiny Bungalow, I've always thought our kitchen was a little mischievous. As if a hundred little children were mooning us. Coming to terms with the fact that we won't be doing any serious renovations for a few years, and finally getting so sick of the peaches that we just can't take it anymore, we are finally doing a sprucing up of the kitchen.
Oh, and take note of those counters. As if we didn't have enough aesthetic challenges to deal with in our kitchen, we have those terrible counters. I can't imagine any color on the wall will make those things look good.

In addition to the general design that bothers us, there are a few other cosmetic issues that we'd like to address. We wish we could pull out the cabinets and completely redesign and enlarge the space but for now, we'll have to be happy with fixing the pealing plaster an d cleaning it up.
The first order of business was to remove the "baby moons" border. Luckily, it wasn't put on very well and pealed off easily. With a little soap and water, we were able to get rid of any evidence of the border. I also spent some time removing any loose plaster in preparation for patching.

One thing that I didn't think bothered me too much before was the shitty moulding job in the kitchen. I swear it looks like a blind person found sticks on the side of the road and jammed them into the upper corner of the room. I think if there were a guide of how not to install moulding, our house would be in it. At first I thought I wouldn't change it but now it has gotten the better of me. I don't feel like doing any plaster repair so I think I am just going to find some larger crown moulding to put over this crap. 
I think I may hire someone to install the moulding. Even thought anything I could do would look much better than this nightmare, I think I'd like it to look nice. Anything to detract from the crappy appliances and cabinets would also be a good thing.
I am still not sure what I'd like to do with the color though. We will be doing a two-tone scheme with a lighter color for the trim and then another color for the ceiling. I think the main color is going to be a pale green of some sort but we haven't decided whether we want to go into the blue or darker green range with the accent color. The sick-making faux marble looking laminate counter tops are not making this decision any easier. I'm sure I'll figure it out in another week, right?


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to mention that you can actually paint those laminate counters. Lots of DIY blogs have shown how; I think it's a Rustoleum product available at the big box stores. Not permanent but it can get you through until your major renovation. No reason to live with yucky colors in the meantime. I'm in the middle of a "renovation from hell" and I feel your pain.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Oh gracious....wallpaper borders. I wonder if future generations will be horrified that we hung them, or that we gleefully ripped them out?