Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Biggest Project So Far

We have lived in the Tiny Bungalow for ten years now. The year, the home also turned 100 years old. It is about time for a serious makeover.

In 2001, the PO decided that it would be good to cover the home in aluminum and vinyl siding. The siding is now pealing - yes, you read that right, the siding is pealing. I've always known that I wanted to restore the exterior of the Tiny Bungalow. Most folks think I am crazy but we are finally taking off the siding and restoring the woodwork beneath.

So far, I am happy with the results. Most of the woodwork on the west and south sides of the house is intact and decent shape. We also found that there are nice details like a freizeboard over the main porch, corner boards, and some cove molding. The down side is that some cove molding and a small skirt molding on the bay were removed to put on the siding and though the flat walls of the house seem fine, I am guessing that the eave and fascia are a mess.

After seeing what was revealed in the first day of demolition, I am optimistic but now see that I have to do a bit of research about my neighbor's homes to see what kidns of details once existed on mine and to figue out how to recreate them. All of this needs to be done before the weather turns. I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew.

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varanger05 said...

How exciting! I, too, have siding on my bungalow but I'm not ready to bite off that project yet. I look forward to seeing your progress!