Monday, October 31, 2016

Work on the lower beadboard

The better part of this past weekend was spent working on the beadboard. I started the lower level and tackled detailing the corners, mimicking the way that it was originally detailed. The beadboard was set in an alternating offset pattern where each beadboard end was notched to tie into the perpendicular run of board. 

This was a little painstaking and somewhat beyond what I might typically take on. Once I got the hang of it though, things moved along pretty quickly. Unfortunately I don't have scaffolding so there were many trips up and down the ladder that slowed things down. 

It eventually took shape and I finished one corner and have another one well on the way. Once the corners are done, it should get much easier as all of the runs are straight after that.

Here is a detail of the finished corner. The offset detail looks very nice and the beadboard looks fantastic. Still crossing my fingers that the weather cooperates into November!


denise said...

Absolutely gorgeous--I'm going to be drooling over these photos all winter long! :)

Chris said...

Thanks! It is a lot more work than I thought but also much nicer than I thought it would be as well.