Friday, March 31, 2006

About the House

As we anxiously await closing, we are occupying our time dreaming about the cool things we can put in the house as well as trying to learn a few things about its history. Our friend and local history guru, Peg, was able to find a little information about the origins of our home. Thanks so much Peg!

The house was built, along with several others on the block, in 1914 by a developer named Raymond Hancock. The original construction cost was $2,000.00 (our offer on the home is slightly higher than this figure). The advertisement above depicts a home almost identical to our neighbor's (we'll put up a clearer image in a couple of days). As we uncover more on Hancock and our home, we’ll fill you in.

All of the homes on our street that Hancock built were in the craftsman style and many are bungalows. We have seen the interior of the neighboring home and though the exterior looks a little different, the interior has virtually the same plan and interior details (though our’s is in much better shape). On the exterior, each of the homes is slightly different. Some have shingle, some wood clapboards, others are brick or stucco. Ours is a mixture of stucco and clapboards over a wood frame. The clapboards are currently concealed by a layer of aluminum siding. The aluminum is unfortunate - it is better than vinyl but I still can’t wait to get it off the house!

Hopefully we will get to know some of our neighbors so that we can see what other goodies the home originally had. I imagine there will be more interesting discoveries.


Anonymous said...

Joe and I are happy that we will become "neighbors" in Oak Park. You guys will love it.

Joe and Cathy Raschke

judy said...

Congatulations again!
My uncle asked us (after we added a puppy to the house and children) if we wake up every morning and say, 'Nope, we're still sane. I wonder what we could to today to push us closer to the edge?'
This comment may soon apply to you! Take it as you wish! : )

Roudy said...

Wow, Chris and Ileana--SO COOL! Congratulations! It looks great, and I can't wait to see the later developments. -Sarah