Wednesday, March 29, 2006

House Inspection

We had our house inspection this morning. Fortunately, there was a previous offer on the house and it fell through. We had the privilege of having a copy of that inspection during this morning's walk through so there were no big surprises. We got some reassuring news - the house is not likely to fall in on itself sometime soon and we don't need to completely replace the MEP systems in the home. The bad news was that the visit reinforced the large number of things that we need to do to the home and it stressed the point that it will be quite a challenge to add bedrooms in our attic space.

Currently, expansion of living areas into the attic space is not an issue but if we intend on having any more children, this will be imperative. I will elaborate on the roof and attic issues in subsequent posts when I reveal the plans we have for the home (I am sure the suspense is killing you) and begin to have more experiences with the building department with the Village of Oak Park. For the time being, we'll have to live within the limited space we have (actually, we are still in our nice big Chicago 3-flat so things are pretty good).

Tomorrow I drop off our earnest money, discuss some plumbing issues, and put our real estate attorney in touch with our realtor. Not as riveting as the window repairs, re-painting, and landscape enhancements that will come but pretty exciting stuff none the less.



Kim said...

Hey Chris-

Glad to hear the inspection went "as expected". Looking forward to the construction process (and I really can help if needed!) I think I would just qualify as "unskilled" labor.


Anonymous said...

Chris, Ileana, and Sophie,

Congratulations on the house!! Great choice of furiture!!

We can't wait to see what Chris is dreaming up to do to the place!! :o)

Jeanette and Eric Jones

The Tiu's said...

Congratulations! Another project to add to your never-ending list. We're excited to hear about your trials and tribulations, as we're close to ending the construction phase of our own.

Julie, East and Abby