Thursday, May 25, 2006

Closing Eve

We close on the house tomorrow. If all goes well, the first of many projects begins on Saturday. This weekend is supposed to be beautiful – 85 and sunny. Perfect weather for tearing up carpet, pulling out overgrown bushes, and moving stuff out of the new house.

We have people lined up to help with the plumbing repairs, the stair repairs, and the basement floor leveling. Once these are complete, we can begin our first major project: re-finishing everything in the basement.

We will be saying goodbye to the ACT and 2x4 lighting and hello to a new wood ceiling made of wood strips and some new lighting. We are adding new carpeting and will be painting the room in a color called "Brandy Butter". Is there such a thing as “Brandy Butter”? I don’t know but it looks nice and should help warm up an otherwise dark space. The bigger projects, creating a bar, play area, and office will come later. Our first goal is to make this space livable and begin moving in.

The anticipation of getting a started on this work has been killing us but the wait has also given us plenty of time to plan things. We are still debating on what wood to refinish and what wood to paint and we haven’t quite completed our paint choices for the upstairs rooms but we are pretty close.

Being that the home will be ours tomorrow, I will hopefully have a little time to upload some photos of the work as it progresses.

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Anne Pollack said...

Ileana, Chris and Sophie,

I am totally excited and can't wait to see MORE AND MORE new pictures of the house and what you are doing. It really is exciting for me and I look forward to the blogs each day something new is done !! I hope to see it all in person soon-just waiting until you get a littled settled.

Crazy Nana