Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The First Night

This isn't how I imagined I'd be spending my first night in the house but there I was, inflatable mattress and all, spending the night on the living room floor. It was kind of like camping and not having Sophie and Ileana around made it even stranger (though I did get a very enthusiastic "goodnight da da" from Sophie over the phone before she went to bed. It was not a very comfortable night but it did give me enough time at the house to complete the first layer of poly on the floors. I was also at the house early enough to meet the floor levelers for the basement.

Even though things are getting done in a haphazard manner, it looks like a good portion of the work we wanted completed on the home before we move in will actually get done. Sophie's bedroom won't be painted but at least the floor is done. Carpeting arrives for the basement next week and by that time, we should have a good handle on the ceiling and painting in that room.

Only two more nights in Chicago and then we'll be living in the OP every night!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys!!!! Get settled in, and then we'll invade your new home in proper fashion.

Regina, Joe, Kate & Julia

rock strongo said...

congrats on the new house! i finally got around to looking at my stats and saw your link. i loved reading about your yews and hostas- ah fond memories of last summer for me. our yews were cultivated into trees, and yes now a year later the stumps are still there, i'll do it in the fall! keep up the great work and don't let it burn you out!

rock strongo