Sunday, June 18, 2006

Going it alone... ...well, almost.

Perhaps I was stupid to ask people to help me out. Perhaps I was too optimistic when a few people actually said they would help out. Alas, Saturday came and only one person showed up to helped to ready our house before we move in. Thanks to Telly, we completed demo in the basement and now everything is ready for the floor levelers and other hired help that will be coming in this week. I guess I should plan on proceeding with the rest of these renovations alone.

In addition to the demo, I spent a good part of Saturday loading demolition debris into the H O Schulz truck to be transported to the dump. The rugs, padding, miscellaneous draperies, rods, and other crap around the house practically filled the truck. Unfortunately, since this took so long, I made little headway on the other projects I have going on.

Except for the dust in the living and dining room, left over from sanding the floors, the house is pretty empty and ready to have all of our stuff moved in. I will be spending the rest of the evenings this week in the OP meeting contractors and finishing the floors.


Anonymous said...

So sorry about your helpers...but it looks like you did get a lot done.

Can't wait to see the floors done and the basement work get started!!!

Jones' in O.K.

Roudy said...

I totally would have come over and helped! Looks like you did a great job, though... keep up the good work, and if you still have projects when I get back, I'd be happy to pop by!