Sunday, June 11, 2006

Floors Part 1

They really should outlaw the use of carpeting for people that have perfectly good hardwood floors. The health hazards of all of this stuff growing and festering underneath our feet has got to be bad.

I tackled, I mean I tried to tackle, the floor refinishing this weekend. After removing layers of dirt and other - hmmm, I don't know what to call it - hairy stuff seems a good description, I spent a couple of days pulling up MANY nails and staples. I got to actual sanding on Sunday and made pretty good progress, until I hit the second bedroom.

The floor finish was incredibly hard and gummed up all of the sand paper. I think it was original shellac - which is probably why I thought it was such a beautiful finish.

I started the work with a square buff sander and only completed the master bedroom. I have worked with these many times and have never had any problems. This time I give up, I have lost patience and will go back tonight and get a belt sander to finish the second bedroom. The first three pics are of the unsuccessful endeavor in that room.

The second set of pics shows a more successful attempt in the master bedroom. The second photo depicts the unique hay-like padding that was matted with a unique mixture of dog urine and finish to the wood floor.

Luckily, most of this came up with an application of diluted Simple Green - that stuff is magic. It also got rid of most of the pet staining. I will follow up with photos of the remaining work towards the end of the week - when I hope to be finished.


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