Sunday, June 11, 2006

Yard work is complete... ...for now

It is pitiful looking but the first part of our landscape work is complete. We have rid our property of all yews and now you get a clear view of all of that wonderful aluminum siding (we won't be tackling that for a few years). I will get around to digging out the stumps sometime this fall. After that, we will just sit around and see what our yard has in terms of plant material and work from there.

The majority of our landscape seems to consist of hostas (about as attractive as the yews). We are fortunate to have some nice raspberry bushes in the back yard as well. Other than that, things seem a little grim. Unfortunately, we have too many other things to worry about so a new landscape will have to wait until at least next year. We did find that we have a squatter on the property. Our daughter Sophie will be thrilled to realize that we have a bunny. Hopefully he will eventually make a dent in the hostas but so far all that seems to interest him is the clover in the lawn.


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